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AD5622 Architecture Technology and Construction 2 (SEM1-2 - 2022/23)

Vernacular and Regional Architecture

Vernacular architecture refers to the traditional, indigenous building styles and techniques used by local communities in a particular region, often shaped by climate, culture, materials, and technology available in that area. This type of architecture reflects local needs, customs, and beliefs, and has evolved through trial and error and adaptation to local conditions.

Vernacular and Regional Architecture
Sustainability in Architecture

Sustainability in Architecture

Sustainability in architecture refers to the design and construction of buildings that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient. This includes the use of renewable materials, energy-efficient systems, and practices that reduce the overall environmental impact of the building.



The selection of building materials plays a crucial role in shaping the safety, durability, and overall quality of architectural structures. Furthermore, building materials can impact a building's environmental performance by affecting energy efficiency, thermal comfort, and sustainability.

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Knarvik Community Church

The Knarvik Community Church is a distinctive and innovative building designed by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter and completed in 2014. The compact, two-story building uses wood as the primary material and features tall, narrow windows that flood the interior with natural light.

Design Projct
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Design Project - Spitfire Close

We created a housing scheme between 20 - 30 residential units and that also incorporates an additional use. Plans and drawings were created and a proposal was formed and presented.

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